Ways to improve your personal and professional life


You may be tired of the current growth trajectory of your professional career as well as personal life. If so, you must make the right moves to get you out of the hole you are currently in. No one else will make this move for you and you will have to take the initiative and venture out on your own.

Money is not everything in your life. In many cases, you will find that your life experiences are lot more valuable than the money you gain. Hence, the perks associated with the jobs that you are offered are not the sole criteria for accepting or rejecting a job. If you get to learn a new trade or a skill, or get to interact with some great people, those chances can act as stepping stones to your future successes.


Learn from the people that you admire by talking to them and asking questions. Most people love to talk about their success and failure. Thus, you can learn to replicate their successful moves and try to avoid their failed ventures.


Start a business that is close to your heart at the earliest chance. Many business opportunities can be started on a very frugal budget, provided you are willing to work hard towards your goals.


Life After Retirement: Are You Financially Prepared for it?

It may not sound enthusiastic; however, it is a bitter fact that most of the people do not have sufficient amount of money in their retirement fund at the time of retirement. This fact holds good for both middle and high range income earners. Often people invest their hard earned money on the advice of some consultant or agent, whose credibility they do not bother to check.

To get an idea of approximately how much money a person need to have in his or her retirement fund, simply multiply the annual income at retirement by 20. Since most of the people approaching retirement age do not have anything near to this value in their retirement fund, they are forced to rely on Social Insurance for their livelihood post retirement.

Many people think that they will be able to overcome the issue of insufficient retirement fund by extending their working age. While thinking so, they do not take into consideration another hard fact that as you age, it becomes more and more difficult to get hired. Moreover, the possibility of early retirement due to poor health of self or spouse or due to job loss is also not factored. This lack of planning is the sort of mentality that leads seniors into having to take out payday loans in their old age instead of having a solid financial foundation to lean on.

The government policy of the past 30 years with respect to retirement plan of individuals also needs drastic remodeling. This plan has failed because it has relied on the expertise of the individual with little or no financial knowledge to build up their retirement fund. Instead of this, professionally managed guaranteed retirement account with guaranteed return and annuity payment should be introduced for individuals immediately in addition to the Social Insurance. It is high time that we come together to solve this very important issue which affects all of us.